Staying on brand

It's what we do. Below you find our brand kit to use as you please for media related content. Please contact us if you have any questions and be sure to share your content with us!

Our mission:

We make sure people are excited to visit your restaurant.

The Logos

Our Primary Colors

Eater Creative’s primary colors are to be used as the key indicators of the brand. Either white or black can be used for typography when all colors but Shark are used as the background. When Shark is used as the background color, only white may be used.


"Punch" Hex: #da3e27


"Gold Sand" Hex: #e7af87


"Hokey Pokey" Hex: #d2bf2a

Our Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are used in combination with the primary colors in order to create depth to a design. They may also be used separately from the primary colors.


"Cerise Red" Hex: #d21b66


"Sunglo" Hex: #df7464


"Shark" Hex: #272728